I have been seriously ill,

All this against my will.

Diabetes is the name,

‘Without a cure’ is its fame.

But my aliment is bit fussy,

Round the clock it keeps me clumpsy.

Precautions , doctor has prescribed,

After my story i had described.

Keep away from the sugary talks,

Go daily for a big long walk.

Stay apart from the sweeties,

They will kill you till tweeties.

A harsh behaviour is the insulin,

Take daily or you grow your sin.

Chilles are the best,

Take the truth and rest.

Why to flounder before a lie,

It will make you sooner die.

Paying for the advice to the clinic receptionist,

I hurriedly went up to the chemist.

He smiled and smiled,

Then up his shop he climbed.

Brought down some people in his bag,

Harshy parents, true friends and a community tag.

In his last statement he warned,

These people are harsh and will demand,

All efforts , happiness and addictions,

I said don’t worry i will follow the prescriptions.

And get off this diabetes off my head,

Because this is the only way to get ahead…


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